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We’re Different from Other Birmingham Real Estate Agents

Conventional real estate agents make their income in two ways: listing homes for sale and selling homes to buyers. This makes sense to maximize their income potential, however, a distinct conflict of interest is inherent in this business model. Sellers are motivated to get the highest prices for their homes and the goal of buyers is to pay the lowest price. A real estate agent cannot serve both interests at one time. It simply can’t be done. Call to speak with one of our Birmingham real estate agents you can trust.

Birmingham Real Estate Agent Who Serves the Buyer’s Best Interests

At Bradford Realty, we don’t list any homes or properties for sale. We are buyer’s agents who represent only the best interests of buyers, not sellers. We have no obligation to get the highest possible prices for sellers and their properties, or gloss over the defects and weaknesses in hopes that buyers will discover those only after the papers are signed. On the contrary, our goals are your goals as the buyer. We can set you up with a Birmingham real estate agent who's job is to find the best home for your needs and desires, for the lowest price, and at the best possible rates.

We’re with You Every Step of the Way

Since 1992, we have saved our clients more than 1.6 million dollars. We do that by working exclusively for buyers to get them the best deals possible. We go further than just negotiating the lowest purchase prices. We also help buyers find the best mortgage and insurance rates and negotiate reduced closing costs to get our clients the most for their money. We’re there from the initial meeting, which is where we listen to our clients tell us about their dream homes, through to the closing, knowing we’ve helped make those dreams realities.

Choose a Buyer’s Agent Who Will Work Only for You

When you choose a buyer’s agent over a traditional real estate agent, you will never have to wonder if you’re getting the very best deal on a new home. You will know it. Contact us today to talk to a real estate agent in Birmingham. Let us help you find the home of your dreams, at a price that fits within your budget. Try us—we can do what the others can’t.

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